Why more people choose PRC LOGISTICS nationwide

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24x7 Dedicated Service

We have systems in place that are constantly watching to ensure that the goods are being delivered on schedule. We have dedicated service providers on call 24 hours a day who keep an eye on the fleet to make sure that the cargoes arrive with our clients safely.

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High Level of Transparency and Visibility

We handle real-time tracking visibility and GPS location tracking for all vehicles. Through the performance dashboard, our customers can download the tracking data reports. We adapt our specialized services to your needs so that you can profit as much as possible.

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Express Delivery Network

We offer guaranteed express delivery services using the most effective technique to deliver the products quickly and damage-free to give our customers the highest level of satisfaction. The largest inhouse trucks network is now led by PRC LOGISTICS, a pioneer in the road transport industry.


Large Scale of Operation With Quality, Reliability and On Time Delivery

We take special care of any type of transportation and handling of General Cargo , Project Cargo , ODC , Heavy Lift Logistic & End to End Logistics at every stage of passing with upmost care and responsibility. Today each and every manufacturer , Project Companies, & MNC”s are looking at a right solution provider for their consignment. Your entire search end’s here with our presence , in Logistic Fields , holding special equipment for handling and  transportation of your cargo.

Our Dedicated Team has Vast Experience and through knowledge , which help in moving your General, ODC, Project, Heavy, Bulk quantity Cargo with best professional transportation mode to save time & cost. With our extensively experienced Logistic Team , we would provide hurdle free service with a very competitive cost . Wind Mill , Heavy Power EHV Transformers, Heavy D.G.Set’s , Gas Turbine , HPIP Turbine, Reactors, Rooters, Energy Cargo, Cement Plant Machineries, Cement, Fertilizers, Steel are some of our currently handled / Transported cargo’s.

Integrated Project Logistics

The challenge of project logistics is to minimize costs, improve transport efficiencies, overcome trade, technical and paper barriers, and apply improving technologies to ensure completion of project requirements in the time allotted. At PRC Logistics, we offer single window services covering all aspects of integrated project logistics and also aim to offer 3PL & SCM services to facilitate the various requirements of our customers.

Project Tracking

Since all our vehicles are manned with personnel having all India roaming cellular phone facilities, we offer real-time reports about the progress of your consignment on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are in the process of acquiring GPRS & GPS services to provide the ultimate in tracking.

Over Dimensional Consignments

Any size, Any weight, Anywhere, Anyhow, anytime, that’s our forte in Heavy Lifts and ODC services. We have own capacities to lift single consignments upto 240 tons and our alliances with India’s reputed Hydraulic Axle owners give us the power to lift single consignments up to 600 tons without any delay. A special team of professionals and technicians pre-plan the transportation process and make sure your consignment arrives in super condition.

Transportation within ports

We also provide logistics services for all types of container movement to and from any port across the country. Our services in port handling include local movement of import and export cargo within the port premises and we receive, shift, stuff, de-stuff, load, unload, store & dispatch all your import and export shipments.

Technical Route Survey

Our route survey services & feasibility study ensure, there are no speed breakers on your transportation road ahead. Our technical team examines the route and creates a feasibility report that helps us to understand all possible obstacles and snags likely to be present on the route much before the consignment moves out. Preparation of roads, reinforcements to weak bridges and extra pullers/pushers for difficult terrain.

Exhibition Display Packing & Movement

we offer special care to pack all your exhibits and display systems at your premises and then transport them to the exhibition venue with utmost care to ensure no loss of time and value. Our skilled personnel will then unpack the same to set up the materials and once the exhibition is over, will re-pack everything and deliver it back to your premises.

General and Break Bulk Cargo

We offer general and break-bulk cargo transportation for projects from any point to point. Our expertise ensures seamless transition of cargo, whether import or export and have the capacity to manage single shipments up to 20,000 freight tons at a time.

Point to point transportation

We offer point to point general and break-bulk cargo transportation. Our expertise assures you of seamless transition of cargo, whether import or export. PRC Logistics has the capacity to manage single shipments of up to 20,000 freight tons at a time.

Project Forwarding

No matter how your goods move, by air, rail, road or sea, we offer the best in consolidated, break-bulk or charter services. We also offer tailor-made freight service solutions using multimodal means to give you the best value for your time and money.

Containerized Cargo

We also provide logistics services for all types of import/export Container Movement for projects from any and every port to any and every part across the country. Whether they are 20 ft, 40 ft, HC or flat rack containers, our services ensure reliability like none other.

Site Management

This crucial aspect of transportation offers on-site management of cargo to completely eradicate any possibility for error and delay. The Site Manager ensures smooth functioning of loading, unloading and warehousing services at all given time.

Customs Clearance

But there’s more we can do for you. We offer services in arranging inbound / outbound customs clearance, documentation, insurance coverage, survey to ensure complete well being of your freight to the smallest details.

Household Packing & Movement

When it comes to moving your precious items, you are bound to feel at home with our specialized services. We pack, transport & unpack all your belongings with special care to ensure absolutely no damage or decrease in value. And ensure smooth, hassle-free, tension free transitions.

General and Break Bulk Cargo

We offer general and break-bulk cargo transportation for projects from any point to point. Our expertise ensures seamless transition of cargo, whether import or export and have the capacity to manage single shipments up to 20,000 freight tons at a time.


 We own several 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft warehouses in all major metros and can arrange additional facilities up to 20,000 sq. ft anytime and anywhere. We also provide independent and shared facilities, inventory control, packing, sorting, re-packing, labeling and top most security 365 days a year